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Our 1st Citizens Police Academy

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Our 1st Citizens Police Academy

Mar 8, 2018
officer teaching class

We are so excited to start our 1st annual Citizens Police Academy.  We have 11 people registered to attend the very first CPA.  On the first night, the Mayor spoke with the class about the Village and his role.  Sheriff Ellis, Brown County Sheriff, explained to the class his role in keeping the County safe, how the jail works and what his patrol deputies do.  Sgt. Fox from Ohio State Hwy Patrol also attended and explained the roll of the Hwy Patrol.  The course is a 8 week program with a field trip to the jail and communications center.  Self-defense, traffic stops, crashes, CPR and building searches are just a few of the topics the class will get to learn.  It is hands on and the classes are designed for everyone to get involved.

"This is a great way for citizens to learn what our officers do as well as meet and ask questions with officers." Chief Essert explained.  This is another way Fayetteville PD works with the community.

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